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About Us

Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany and with its network of partners and regional offices, Sparestop aims to be a one stop shop that connects manufacturers and distributors to retailers in Europe, Russia, Middle East, Africa, India & South Asia. Sparestop has regional sites www.sparestop.de www.sparestop.in, www.sparestop.ae and sparestop.co.za to cater to different regions based on their geographical proximity and has depot warehouses in Germany, Dubai, South Africa, India & parts of West and North Africa. Sparestop houses different brands for different segments and allows retailers to review products or brands based on their quality or performance.


How It Works

Sparestop is an online b2b online portal that connects retailers and wholesalers to manufacturers and distributors. We are a one stop shop and price comparison site that allows retailers to get the best price and instant availability from their nearest local distributor or stockist. If the product is not available sparestop provides procures it globally from different distributors and provides door delivery for the retailers within a shortest lead time. Simply browse through our product range and add them to your enquiry. Once we receive your enquiry we check the price and availability and provide you a quote and the lead time for each product. You can then simply order the products based on your requirements. For your regular orders you can simply log in to your panel and compare the rates from different sellers saving you both time and money.


Become a Supplier

Sparestop welcomes distributors or manufacturers in any country to become our channel partners. Simply register as a supplier or send us your company profile on partner@sparestop.de to go through our supplier review process. Once approved we give you full access to our supplier panel where you can manage your own products and pricing instantly.